R. V. Gurjar

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In this paper we prove that a normal Gorenstein surface dominated by P2 is isomorphic to a quotient P2/G, where G is a finite group of automorphisms of P2 (except possibly for one surface V ′ 8). We can completely classify all such quotients. Some natural conjectures when the surface is not Gorenstein are also stated. Mathematics Subject Classification(More)
Iwan Arzhantsev (Moscow State University) Cox rings, universal torsors, and infinite transitivity Let X be an algebraic variety covered by open charts isomorphic to the affine space and let q : X ′ → be the universal torsor over X. We prove that the automorphism group of the quasiaffine variety X ′ acts on X ′ infinitely transitively. Also we find wide(More)
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