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A lively session held at the end of a conference on Open Algebraic Varieties organized at the Centre de Recherches en Mathématiques in December 1994 produced a list of open problems that the participants would like to make available to the mathematical community. Thanks are due to the contributors, to D.-Q. Zhang, who undertook the initial collecting of the(More)
We classify surjective self-maps (of degree at least two) of affine surfaces according to the log Kodaira dimension. In this paper we are interested in the following question. Question. Classify all smooth affine surfaces X/C which admit a proper morphism f : X → X with degree f > 1. In [5] and [18], a classification of smooth projective surfaces with a(More)
In this paper we prove that a normal Gorenstein surface dominated by P 2 is isomorphic to a quotient P 2 /G, where G is a finite group of automorphisms of P 2 (except possibly for one surface V ′ 8). We can completely classify all such quotients. Some natural conjectures when the surface is not Gorenstein are also stated.
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