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Investigation has been conducted using equilibrium dialysis on the sorption of flavor compounds (FC) in solutions of low- and high-esterified pectinates (LEP and HEP, respectively). The compounds include 2-acetyl pyridine, 2,3-diethyl pyrazine, 2-acetyl thiophene and some normal 2-ketones. A method of direct gas chromatographic analysis has been developed(More)
The composition of sulfur containing compounds in simulated meat flavour goods for food industry and obtained through Maillard reaction from bakery yeast autolysate was studied for the first time. Gas chromatographic analysis on a series of four columns of different polarity identified 37 compounds, and structure of 13 from them were confirmed by mass(More)
Sorption of essential oil aroma components, n-alcohols and linalool by starch corn cryotexture was studied. Results show that terpene hydrocarbons of Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oil are sorbed quantitatively from 0.05% water solution by cryotexture due to hydrophobic interactions with starch polysaccharides. Aroma compounds with oxygen atoms within(More)
A review is given of the literature on the analysis of complex mixtures of organic compounds and a procedure proposed for the separation and identification of the components of such mixtures. Retention data obtained with several chromatographic columns are combined with information from mass and Fourier-transform infrared spectra and identifications made(More)
Volatile nitrogen bases in soil have been analysed by gas chromatography. Two samples of soils taken from different regions have been investigated. The first sample was loam. The second was a mixed sample with a predominance of chernozem. At least 48 amines have been found in the samples and 34 of them have been identified. Among the compounds identified(More)
The composition of the volatile nitrogen-containing bases of fresh-caught Antarctic krill E. superba has been investigated by gas chromatography. The analysis was carried out on three packed columns with Apiezon L, Triton X-305, PEG-1000 and one glass capillary column with Triton X-305. The components were identified by standardless gas chromatographic(More)
By means of GLC-analysis on columns with different polarity phases the composition of the sulphur-containing volatiles obtained by the thermal treatment of the industrial broths and alkyl-mercaptopropanol was studied using flame-photometric detector specific for sulphur. The identification of the sulphur-containing compounds was realized using both(More)