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Between 1981 and 1988 inclusive, 22 patients with full-thickness rectal prolapse presenting to two surgeons in this hospital were treated using the Délorme operation. There was no mortality and morbidity was minimal. Twenty-one patients (95.5%) were cured of prolapse and 19 patients (86.4%) had normal anal sphincter function after the operation.
The frequency of non-clostridial anaerobic infection was studied in 95 patients who had undergone acute appendicectomy: 49 received prophylactic metronidazole and 46 received placebo. Anaerobic infection did not develop in any of the metronidazole-treated patients, but infections did develop in nine (19%) of the 46 controls. Metronidazole is conveniently(More)
The authors present the case of a 40-year-old woman with primary malignant lymphoma complicating chronic ulcerative colitis. Twenty-one cases reported in the literature are reviewed and the various available data analyzed. Variations in the distribution of lymphoma in both the normal and colitic bowel supports a relationship between both conditions. Any(More)
A double-blind randomised trial was carried out among 46 patients undergoing elective colonic surgery; 27 patients received prophylactic metronidazole and 19 received placebo. Anaerobic infections did not develop in any of the metronidazole-treated patients, but did develop in 11 (58%) of 19 controls who were subsequently successfully treated with(More)
The operative records of seventy-one patients who had parotid surgery carried out in the ten year period from 1964 to 1973 were reviewed. Forty-one (67%) of the operations were suprafacial parotidectomies. Of the fifty patients who agreed to reassessment in a special clinic, seventeen had a noticeable degree of Frey's syndrome, and of these fourteen were(More)