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Fractal Analysis is the well developed theory in the Non-linear Analysis of Biomedical Signals such as Electroencephalogram (EEG). EEG signal is essentially multi scale fractal, i.e. Multifractal. Therefore Multifractal measures such as Generalized Fractal Dimensions (GFD), could be a useful tool to compute the degree of disorders, complexity, irregularity(More)
In medical discipline, complexity measure is focused on the analysis of nonlinear patterns in processing waveform signals. The complexity measure of such waveform signals is well performed by fractal dimension technique, which is an index for measuring the complexity of an object. Its applications are found in diverse fields like medical, image and signal(More)
This paper discusses an Economic Production Quantity model for Weibull deteriorating items over an infinite time horizon under fuzzy environment. Fuzziness is introduced by allowing the cost components such as setup cost, production cost, holding cost, shortage cost and opportunity cost due to lost sales to certain extent. Triangular fuzzy numbers are used(More)
The Human Brain is a highly complex and a nonlinear system. The disorder in the Human Brain creates a lot of physiopathological diseases, especially the Epileptic Seizure. Electroencephalogram (EEG) was used by the physicians to diagnosis the patients who is suffering from Seizure. The Generalized Fractal Dimensions (GFD) is the measure of complexity and(More)