R. Ushakumari

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Clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.) is commonly known as guar, a legume with drought hardiness suited to arid regions remained a neglected and underutilized crop till the shale rush began, of late it got momentum in the international market, and it became one of the most promising industrial crops in India. Seeds of clusterbean are used for(More)
The possibility of developing transgenic indica rices through Agrobacterium –mediated transformation in the absence of Acetosyringone at bacterial preinduction or cocultivation or both stages was assessed. Six weeks old, scutellum derived calluses of indica rice viz., ASD 16, White Ponni, Pusa Basmati, Pusa Sugandh 4, Pusa Sugandh 5 were cocultivated with(More)
Hybrid rice technology offers great potential to increase rice production and productivity on a sustainable basis. Exploitation of heterosis in rice has resulted in release of several hybrids for commercial cultivation in India. One of the current aspects of hybrid rice breeding is exploitation of higher degree of heterosis in intervarietal crosses(More)
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