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Recent genome-wide association studies identified 11 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with breast cancer (BC) risk. We investigated these and 62 other SNPs for their prognostic relevance. Confirmed BC risk SNPs rs17468277 (CASP8), rs1982073 (TGFB1), rs2981582 (FGFR2), rs13281615 (8q24), rs3817198 (LSP1), rs889312 (MAP3K1), rs3803662 (TOX3),(More)
The paper presents a revised functional description of Voider's Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer algorithm (CORDIC) , as well as allied VLSI irnple— mentable processor architectures. Both pipelined and sequential structures are considered. In the general purpose or multi—function case, pipeline length (number of cycles) , function evaluation time and(More)
PURPOSE The development and validation of algorithms to identify cases of idiopathic acute liver injury (ALI) are essential to facilitate epidemiologic studies on drug-induced liver injury. The aim of this study is to determine the ability of diagnostic codes and laboratory measurements to identify idiopathic ALI cases. METHODS In this cross-sectional(More)
PURPOSE To examine the robustness of findings of case-control studies on the association between acute liver injury (ALI) and antibiotic use in the following different situations: (i) Replication of a protocol in different databases, with different data types, as well as replication in the same database, but performed by a different research team. (ii)(More)
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