R. Udayakumar

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In India, Congestion is defined using V/C ratio. However, Passenger Car Unit (PCU) used to estimate the volume as well as capacity is subjective in nature and these are not directly measurable units. Therefore, the actual capacity of the road is not determined and thus the value of congestion becomes subjective in nature. Hence, in this project the directly(More)
In computer networks the routing is based on shortest path routing algorithms. Based on its advantages, an alternative method is used known as Genetic Algorithm based routing algorithm, which is highly scalable and insensitive to variations in network topology. Here we propose a coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm to solve the shortest path routing(More)
This paper aims at creation of secure online voting system providing biometric security. Online voting system used for government elections. Online voting system is publically available system so there are various types of attacks to hack this system. Propose a new secure online voting system by using biometric and steganographic authentication. The vote(More)
Energy management is important not only for the homes, but also for the energy providers. With the ever-increasing broadband penetration it becomes possible the information exchange between the energy provider and customer, and a smart home management system. In this paper, we present a practical smart home system that serves as platform for efficient(More)
The purpose of this research is to analyze different types of disc brake rotors, which are commonly used in automobile industry and to propose a new design of brake rotor. Analysis of brake rotor includes Structural analysis and Steady state Thermal analysis for each design. A comparison between the existing brake rotors and proposed new design is carried(More)
A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses the heat of compression to initiate ignition to bum the fuel, which is injected into the chamber. In this paper the various processes of the diesel engine processes are simulated by writing a C program for the mathematical model developed for the various processes. Then the program is run with the(More)
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