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BACKGROUND Local anesthesia by the traditional injection technique is central to optimizing patient comfort during hair transplant procedures. However, even when carefully and properly performed, some patients still describe their treatment sessions as painful. OBJECTIVE To determine if patients undergoing hair transplantation experience less pain and(More)
A comparison of salary scales of trained men shows rather clearly at the present time that (1) The pay scale of endowed and state universities and agricultural colleges is approximately like that of the commissioned officers of the army and the navy, but lacks the advantage of the retiring pension of three fourths pay. This pension often relieves the(More)
BACKGROUND Cobblestoning is an unsightly result of graft elevation in the recipient site after hair transplantation. OBJECTIVE To describe the use of tissue adhesives for the avoidance of cobblestoning. RESULTS The long-term cosmetic appearance of hair transplants may be improved through the use of cyanoacrylate adhesives is the virtual elimination of(More)