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This study analyzes prenatal care and birthweight in Uruguay. These data are unique since they represent a population of urban, poor women who gave birth in a health care system that provides both prenatal and obstetric care free of charge. This study finds a positive effect of increased prenatal care use on birthweight and evidence of bias in OLS(More)
This paper uses a full-information maximum likelihood estimation procedure, the Discrete Factor Method, to estimate the relationship between birthweight and prenatal care. This technique controls for the potential biases surrounding both the sample selection of the pregnancy-resolution decision and the endogeneity of prenatal care. In addition, we use the(More)
This study attempts to isolate the potential sources of grade inflation and to measure their relative importance. We incorporate existing models of grade inflation into a model of grade inflation at the department level. Our data comprise 1683 separate courses taught in 28 different academic departments by 3176 distinct instructors at a large public(More)
Select Amino Acid Intricacy As the central bridge connecting nutrient sensing and cellular activities, mTORC1 has for years drawn much attention in the cell metabolism field. Its frequent dysregulation in cancer and the diverse therapeutic potential of the mTOR inhibitor rapa-mycin have further spread its acclaim among cancer biologists , clinicians, and(More)
Public Service Commission) for helpful comments and suggestions. We also thank Mary Rose Sirianni (BellSouth), Sandy Khazraee (Sprint), Beth Salak (Florida Public Service Commission), Anne Williamson (Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing), and Thomas McCabe (TDS) for providing data, and Guillermo Sabbioni (University of Florida) for research assistance.(More)
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