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The design of rolling bearings has to satisfy various constraints, e.g. the geometrical, kinematics and the strength, while delivering excellent performance, long life and high reliability. This invokes the need of an optimal design methodology to achieve these objectives collectively, i.e. the multi-objective optimisation. In this paper, three primary(More)
Data mining is a process that uses technology to bridge the gap between data and logical decision-making. The jargon itself offers a promising view of organized data manipulation for extracting valuable information and knowledge from high volume of data. Copious techniques are developed to fulfill this aspiration. This paper outlines an ant colony(More)
The design of rolling element bearings has been a challenging task in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Traditional approaches to the design optimization of such bearings have proved to be computationally time intensive and have yielded solutions that are yet to be theoretically proven optimal. While most of the real aspects of the design are never(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, ETV has been found to be effective in patients with TBMH; however, its precise selection criteria are yet to be established. We carried out this study to identify the factors affecting the outcome of ETV in TBMH. METHODS Fourteen patients with TBMH (11 male patients and 3 female patients; mean age, 15.7 years; range, 9 months(More)
Genetic barcodes are increasingly used to track individual cells and to quantitatively assess their clonal contributions over time. Although barcode quantification relies entirely on counting sequencing reads, detailed studies about the method's accuracy are still limited. We report on a systematic investigation of the relation between barcode abundance and(More)
World Wide Web presents challenging aspects or task for mining web data stream. Currently processing of useful data from web data stream is getting complex because when we considering the large volume of web log data it does not provide well-structured data. Two major challenge involved in web usage mining are processing the raw data to provide a (very(More)
Fungal infection of the paranasal sinuses is an increasingly recognized entity, both in normal and immunocompromised individuals. The recent increase in mycotic nasal and paranasal infections is due to both improved diagnostic research and an increase in the conditions that favor fungal infection. Although fungal infections of the paranasal sinus are(More)
The design of tapered roller bearings has a fundamental influence on the performance, life and reliability of the bearings. Consequently, this also affects the operating quality and the economization of machines on which the bearings are used. The responsibility of bearing designers is to select an optimal scheme from all the possible alternative designs,(More)