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Data mining is a process that uses technology to bridge the gap between data and logical decision-making. The jargon itself offers a promising view of organized data manipulation for extracting valuable information and knowledge from high volume of data. Copious techniques are developed to fulfill this aspiration. This paper outlines an ant colony(More)
Power consumption during the test mode of circuit operation is a major concern for scan based low power circuits. While there are multiple DFT and ATPG techniques proposed in the literature for addressing both shift and capture power reduction, most of the solutions are coarse-grained in nature - in the sense that they attempt to reduce power while being(More)
Cloud computing is the recently emerged technology which has gained popularity among organizations and corporates. For better services of the cloud, there is need for some kind of testing. Cloud testing then came into existence which referred as a form of testing in which cloud computing environment is used by web applications to simulate real world user(More)
A wireless sensor network (WSN) employed to serve smart city applications is usually located in a vast and vulnerable territory. In order to secure vital and critical information, the security requirements of data confidentiality, authenticity and availability should be guaranteed. One of the leading key management schemes is based on using location(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective, case study of 64 pediatric patients who underwent spinal surgery for Pott's spine and have minimum 6 months follow-up. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the surgical management and outcome of 64 pediatric Pott's spine cases operated by single surgeon over last 8 years, with a minimum follow-up of 6 months. The(More)
The design of tapered roller bearings has a fundamental influence on the performance, life and reliability of the bearings. Consequently, this also affects the operating quality and the economization of machines on which the bearings are used. The responsibility of bearing designers is to select an optimal scheme from all the possible alternative designs,(More)
Implantation of blastocysts involves conversion of maternal and embryonic cell surfaces from a nonadhesive to an adhesive state in response to the internally driven developmental program or to externally generated factors. However, the intricacies of the cellular and subcellular changes that promote the attachment are not known, because these changes are(More)
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