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The object of this work is the estimate of the global error in the numerical solution of the IVP for a system of ODE's. Given a Runge–Kutta formula of order q, which yields an approximation y n to the true value y(x n ), a general, parallel method is presented, that provides a second value y n * of order q+2; the global error e n =y n −y(x n ) is then(More)
K e y w o r d s O r d i n a r y differential equations, Initial value problems, Multistep methods, Starting values. 1. I N T R O D U C T I O N As it is well known, the mathematical formulation of many problems in science, engineering, and economics, leads to the necessity of solving a system of N first-order ODEs y'(x) = / [ x , y ( x ) ] , y(x0) = y0 <_ •(More)
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