R. Thomas Bergeron

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Earlier studies have shown that the negatively allometric brain-body weight association in mature mammals changes to an isometric association when body weights are adjusted for their rates of oxygen consumption. Birds are endogenous homeotherms, and so their brain weights were analyzed according to their body weights and metabolism (estimated energy(More)
Twenty-one multiparous sows were used in a Latin square design, from days 7 to 90 of gestation, to test the effect of ®bre and food levels on feeding motivation and feeding-related stereotypies. Treatments were: VHF (very high-®bre, 29% ADF, 50% NDF, 4.5 kg/day); HF (high-®bre, 23% ADF, 43% NDF, 3.5 kg/day); C (control, 8% ADF, 20% NDF, 2.5 kg/day); and(More)
We report on the appearance of parathyroid, thyroid, and cervical thymic cysts on computed tomography (CT) scans. The differential diagnostic considerations include thyroglossal and branchial cleft cysts, cystic hygromas, primary and metastatic tumors, dermoids, teratomas, choristomas, tracheoesophageal and cervical bronchogenic cysts, as well as cystic(More)
Lameness in sows has an economic impact on pig production and is a major welfare concern. The aim of the present project was to develop methods to evaluate and quantify lameness in breeding sows. Five methods to study lameness were compared between themselves and with visual gait scoring used as a reference: footprint analysis, kinematics, accelerometers,(More)
Experience with 81 gas computed tomography (CT) cisternography procedures in 79 patients in searching for acoustic neuroma is reported. Twenty-one tumors, four exclusively intracanalicular, were demonstrated after standard contrast-enhanced CT was negative. Fifty-five examinations were negative; four were inconclusive. The high resolution scanner with(More)
Three cases of surgically proved pseudotumor of the orbital apex with intracranial extension occurred. All demonstrated bony destruction. Varying degrees of ophthalmoplegia and visual loss were present in all three. Previous computed tomographic descriptions of the patterns of orbital pseudotumor have not included bone destruction. Further, intracranial(More)