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A uniform measure of the gender-related differential performance of female and male Olympic and World champions is proposed: relative power output applied to the environment. Laws of physics are employed to derive equations for estimating relative power output. In previous controlled laboratory studies, equally trained male and female athletes were shown to(More)
  • R. T. Stefani
  • 1999
Systems analysis is applied to a milieu of sports rating systems (SRS’s) resulting in a unifying taxonomy. Each SRS operates in three phases: evaluation of sports performance, weighting of the evaluated performance and creation of a rating for each competitor using the weighted evaluated performance. In the first phase, sports are classified as: combat(More)
Bonus points provide a simple way to improve the accuracy of league standings. We investigate the inclusion of bonuses in the National Football League (NFL) using a prediction model built on league points. Both touchdown-based and narrow-loss bonuses are shown to be significant. Our preferred system awards four points for a win, two for a tie, one point for(More)
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