R. T. Pramod

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Single features such as line orientation and length are known to guide visual search, but relatively little is known about how multiple features combine in search. To address this question, we investigated how search for targets differing in multiple features (intensity, length, orientation) from the distracters is related to searches for targets differing(More)
Recent advances in neural networks have revolutionized computer vision, but these algorithms are still outperformed by humans. Could this performance gap be due to systematic differences between object representations in humans and machines? To answer this question we collected a large dataset of 26,675 perceived dissimilarity measurements from 2,801 visual(More)
A fundamental question in vision science is whether objects can be understood in terms of their parts. If the whole is the sum of parts, it suggests that dissimilarities between whole objects can be explained using dissimilarities between their constituent parts. Here we set out to investigate this problem by studying dissimilarity relations in a set of(More)
Aquatic Vegetation serve variety of uses in a water eco system, some of which are vital to the overall health of the aquatic environment and also to add to the aesthetics of its surroundings and to provide a suitable habitat for aquaculture. Excess growth of these plants may indicate an imbalance and lead to a deterioration of the aquatic ecosystem. Several(More)
In the decoding of the Bose Chaudhuri Hochquenghem (BCH) codes, the most complex block is the Chien search block. In the decoding process of the BCH codes, error correction is performed bit by bit, hence they require parallel implementation. The area required to implement the chien search parallel is more, hence strength reduced parallel architecture for(More)
Memory is an integral and important component in most of the digital circuits. It is basically used for storing and retrieving data in many electronic circuits. In recent days, the soft errors affecting digital circuits have become the biggest challenge for memory applications. As technology is scaling down, the effect of single error upsets (SEUs) on(More)
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