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In this study we evaluated nuclear and ooplasmic maturation of prepuberal calf oocytes to determine a possible cause for their low developmental competency. Calf oocytes resumed meiosis and arrested at the MII stage at rates similar to that of adult animals; however, zygotes derived from calf oocytes cleaved and developed at significantly lower rates.(More)
Oxytocin (10 mi.u./microliter/h) or vehicle (0.5% chlorobutanol in saline, 1 microliter/h) was chronically infused directly into the corpus luteum of normally cyclic rhesus monkeys, by means of an Alzet pump-ovarian cannula system. Infusion of oxytocin (N = 6) or vehicle (N = 5) began 6 days after the preovulatory oestradiol surge, and daily peripheral(More)
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