R. T. DeWitt

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A series of studies have reported that responding is faster when letter pairs to be matched are projected to two hemispheres rather than one. Four experiments described here tested this bilateral field advantage and identified factors that influence its extent. Subjects were shown letter pairs drawn from the ensemble "AaBb", and classified the letter pairs(More)
Language lies at the heart of human cognitive and social development. Infants, who are by definition "without language," become speaker-hearers of particular languages within their first few years, through their experience with the speech of their caregivers and other significant people in their environment. The foundation for the emergence of language(More)
Over the last few years, expert systems have moved from very expensive LISP or PROLOG based computers to easy-to-use software packages for the PC. As this switch has taken place, the popularity of these expert systems has grown significantly with applications being developed for many areas. As experts in the use of computers, many User Service departments(More)
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