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L. J. Fuentes, A. B. Vivas, and G. W. Humphreys (1999b) showed that stimulus processing is affected when stimuli are presented to locations subject to inhibition of return. They argued that activated representations of stimuli presented at inhibited locations are disconnected from their associated responses through an "inhibitory tagging" mechanism(More)
1. Egg production, body weight, feed intake and mortality were recorded in over 78 000 broiler breeder hens in 4 commercial flocks housed in 16 houses from early lay though 40 weeks of lay. A total of 420 hens were sampled at regular intervals throughout the laying period to determine the changes in body weight and the numbers of yellow follicles, paired(More)
This study assessed visuospatial attention in healthy adults and medicated schizophrenic patients. Participants performed a visual orientation task in which a peripheral cue was followed. at different intervals, by a target presented either at valid or invalid locations. When the long stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) was used, participants were presented(More)
UV cured medical-grade aerobic adhesives yield the same structural bond strength as thermal, sonic, or solvent welding. Solvents are recognized as having a potential for negative health and environmental effects. Substrate limitations have historically restricted medical device design when using sonic or thermal welding techniques. UV curing aerobic(More)
1. The production of hatching eggs in tropical flocks of broiler breeders was estimated from records of initial body weight and subsequent body weight gains from 6 flocks containing over 140,000 birds in Venezuela using a stochastic model developed in temperate climates. The model was then modified to account for the greater persistency of egg production in(More)
1. A model that simulates the total production of eggs (TEP) in broiler breeders was used to predict the optimum initial (20 week) body weight (IBWexp), daily weight gains from 20 to 30 (DWGexp(20-30)) and 31 to 62 weeks of age (DWGexp(31-62)), age at photostimulation (affecting age at first egg, AFEexp), coefficients of variation of initial body weight(More)
The conformational changes of 3,5,3′-triiodo L-thyronine induced by interaction with phospholipids were analyzed by Raman spectroscopy. The spectra were interpreted in terms of two conformers of this hormone in equilibrium in the lipid medium, depending on the orientation of the 3′-iodine with respect to the ring α. Theoretical geometry optimizations on(More)
Because of the microscopic features of the affected leaflets in mitral valve prolapse (MVP), myxoid degeneration of the valve is a common pathologic designation applied to this condition. We undertook this study as a means of gaining an insight into the occurrence and prevalence of extravalvular cardiac alterations in hearts with severe MVP. Tissues of 24(More)
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