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The Manchester Children's Tumour Registry data for the period 1954-1977 have been analysed. The overall incidence of malignant disease in children aged 0-14 years in the north-west of England is estimated to be 100 per million person-years. The most common disease group is leukaemia, which forms about one third of the total number of cases. Among solid(More)
BACKGROUND We assessed the activity of gemcitabine (G) and cisplatin/gemcitabine (C/G) in patients with locally advanced (LA) or metastatic (M) (advanced) biliary cancers (ABC) for whom there is no standard chemotherapy. METHODS Patients, aged > or =18 years, with pathologically confirmed ABC, Karnofsky performance (KP) > or =60, and adequate(More)
A Bayesian framework is introduced to carry out Automatic Relevance Determination (ARD) in feedforward neural networks to model censored data. A procedure to identify and interpret the prognostic group allocation is also described. These methodologies are applied to 1616 records routinely collected at Christie Hospital, in a monthly cohort study with 5-year(More)
Oestrogen receptors were measured in the primary breast tumours of 508 patients and progesterone receptors in those of 486 patients. Survival from mastectomy was significantly longer in patients with receptor-positive tumours. There was no significant difference between patients with receptor-positive and receptor-negative tumours in the relapse-free(More)
INTRODUCTION Noninvasive measurements of cerebral blood volume (CBV) and contrast transfer coefficient (K(trans)) have potential benefits in the diagnosis and therapeutic management of adult glioma. This study examines the relationship between CBV, K(trans), and overall survival. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twenty-seven adult patients with glioma underwent(More)
The expression of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) in 34 formalin fixed paraffin embedded specimens of malignant mesothelioma was examined using the F4 antibody. Eight samples of reactive pleura showed homogenous cytoplasmic staining with the antibody. EGF-R positive cells (greater than or equal to 5%) were found in 68% of the mesotheliomas(More)
A total of 152 non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC) were studied retrospectively to determine the relationship between epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) status and the histological type, tumour size, nodal status and prognosis. EGF-R status was assessed on routinely embedded paraffin sections with an antibody to the cytoplasmic domain of the tumour(More)
The aims of this study were to assess changes in quality of life (QoL) scores in relation to radical radiotherapy for gynaecological cancer (before and after treatment up to 3 years), and to identify the effect that late treatment effects have on QoL. This was a prospective study involving 225 gynaecological cancer patients. A QoL instrument (European(More)
The metastatic sites of infiltrating duct (IDC) and infiltrating lobular carcinoma (ILC) have been compared using both clinical and autopsy data. The following statistically significant differences were found: Lung parenchymal metastases were more common in IDC. Bone trephine biopsies were more likely to be positive in ILC. Carcinomatous meningitis was(More)
Robust protocols for microarray gene expression profiling of archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPET) are needed to facilitate research when availability of fresh-frozen tissue is limited. Recent reports attest to the feasibility of this approach, but the clinical value of these data is poorly understood. We employed state-of-the-art RNA(More)