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2Usha K. Luthra
2A. Venkoba Rao
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It is thought that the high protein density in the mitochondrial matrix results in severely restricted solute diffusion and metabolite channeling from one enzyme to another without free aqueous-phase diffusion. To test this hypothesis, we measured the diffusion of green fluorescent protein (GFP) expressed in the mitochondrial matrix of fibroblast, liver,(More)
Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in Madras and southern India after cervix cancer. The Madras Metropolitan Tumour Registry (MMTR), a population-based cancer registry, collects data on the outcome of cancer diagnosis by both active and passive methods. A total of 2080 cases of invasive female breast cancer were registered in MMTR(More)
EIGHTYFIVE HIV SEROPOSITIVE SUBJECTS (M: 42;F:43) were compared with an equal number STD subjects negative for HIV. They formed 1.6% of the total number (N =5287) screened in the STD OP. Heterosexual transmission was predominant. A significantly higher promiscuity and a larger number of sex partners and contacts were observed in the female but not the male(More)