R Suwannuruk

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Development of partial immunity in people living in malaria endemic area is complex. For better understanding, the lymphocyte subpopulations from infected patients were evaluated by flow cytometer before any antimalarial treatment. In P. vivax infection, the frequency of T-helper type 1 (Th1) was decreased significantly (p = 0.042). In contrast, the number(More)
A high number of blood donations may cause iron depletion. In order to evaluate iron stores in volunteer Thai blood donors, 82 male and 72 female donors were studied. All were tested for serum ferritin (SF), hemoglobin (Hb) level and asked for detailed histories of donations and iron supplementation. Mean SF in first-time donors was 161.12 ng/mL in men (n =(More)
Depletion of body iron stores is a major factor limiting regular blood donation in volunteer donors. Autologous blood donors are requested to donate more frequently. To determine iron stores in autologous donors, 9 men and 10 women studied gave a total of 24 donations before their elective surgery (range 1-2 donations). All donors were tested for serum(More)
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