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The Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) initiative aims to design and validate a future operational concept which enables all categories of airspace users to conduct their operations with minimum restrictions and maximum flexibility while meeting or exceeding a number of key performance targets. The SESAR initiative must also take into account the(More)
Mobility is a key aspect for today's society. Whether or not a desired high level mobility is achieved, is significantly influenced by airports, which are a central interface between ground and air traffic and, thus, impact the total transportation system and its quality. That today's airports do not optimally foster mobility, is, for instance, impressively(More)
This paper describes the results of the two assessments performed to evaluate the impact of increasing levels of automation (LoA) on Human Factors aspects and the impact on their responsibilities and interactions. This activity has been developed within the "Assessment of Degree of Automation on Human Roles" (ADAHR) project inside the framework of SESAR(More)
As no data on beetles in the Wadden Sea area are available from The Netherlands, the trilateral status of threat only refers to the Danish and German part of the Wadden Sea. In this area, in total, 238 species of beetles are threatened in at least one subregion. Of these, 189 species are threatened in the entire area and are therefore placed on the(More)
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