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This paper examines how estimates of the price elasticity of demand for beer vary with the choice of alcohol price series examined. Our most important finding is that the commonly used ACCRA price data are unlikely to reliably indicate alcohol demand elasticities-estimates obtained from this source vary drastically and unpredictably. As an alternative,(More)
Batch type production strategies need adoption of cellular manufacturing (CM) in order to improve operational effectiveness by reducing manufacturing lead time and costs related to inventory and material handling. CM necessitates that parts are to be grouped into part families based on their similarities in manufacturing and design attributes. Then,(More)
Our previous analyses using the Stress Recognition subscale of the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ) resulted in significant effect estimates with equally opposing explanations. We suspected construct validity issues and investigated such using our own data and correlation matrices of previous published studies. The correlation matrices for each of the(More)
In the present work, an attempt has been made to form disjoint machine cells using modified ART1 (adaptive resonance theory) to handle the real valued workload matrix. The methodology first allocates the machines to various machine cells and then parts are assigned to those cells with the aid of degree of belongingness through a membership index. The(More)
BACKGROUND In occupational safety research, narrative text analysis has been combined with coded surveillance, data to improve identification and understanding of injuries and their circumstances. Injury data give, information about incidence and the direct cause of an injury, while near-miss data enable the, identification of various hazards within an(More)
The development of systematic and sustainable surveillance systems is necessary for the creation of patient safety prevention programs and the evaluation of improvement resulting from innovations. To that end, inpatient hospital discharges collected by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council were used to investigate patient safety events(More)
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