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We investigated subjects' responses to a synthesized talking face displayed on a computer screen in the context of a questionnaire study. Compared to subjects who answered questions presented via text display on a screen, subjects who answered the same questions spoken by a talking face spent more time, made fewer mistakes, and wrote more comments, When we(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify risk factors associated with relapse among cured tuberculosis (TB) patients in a DOTS programme in South India. DESIGN Sputum samples collected from a cohort of TB patients registered between April 2000 and December 2001 were examined by fluorescence microscopy for acid-fast bacilli and by culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis at 6,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Early diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) is important for initiating treatment to gain cure. The present investigation was undertaken to study the association of conversion and cure with initial smear grading among pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) patients registered in a directly observed treatment - short course (DOTS) programme in(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to measure the mortality rate and excess general mortality as well as identify groups at high risk for mortality among a cohort of tuberculosis patients treated in Chennai Corporation clinics in south India. METHODS In this retrospective cohort study we followed up 2674 patients (1800 males and 874 females) who were registered and(More)
BACKGROUND Filarial (and other helminth) infections are known to modulate mycobacteria-specific pro-inflammatory cytokine responses necessary for maintaining latency in tuberculosis (TB). We sought to address whether helminth co-infection alters progression to active pulmonary TB in a co-endemic area of South India. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Incidence of(More)
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