R Steffens

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Properties of Ba2+ currents through voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (IBa) were investigated in 61 dentate granule cells acutely isolated from the resected hippocampus of nine patients with therapy-refractory temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Currents with a high threshold of activation (HVA) peaked at 0 mV, and showed some time-dependent inactivation and a(More)
Voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (VCCs) represent one of the main routes of Ca2+ entry into neuronal cells. Changes in intracellular Ca2+ dynamics and homeostasis can cause long-lasting cellular changes via activation of different Ca2+ dependent signalling pathways. We have investigated the properties of VCCs in human hippocampal dentate granule cells (DGCs)(More)
  • H Beck, R Steffens, U Heinemann, And C E Elger
  • 1997
of voltage-activated Ca 2/ currents in acutely isolated human hippo-and Wadman 1994). campal granule cells.In voltage-clamp experiments, Ca 2/ conductances with a erties of Ba 2/ currents through voltage-dependent Ca 2/ channels high threshold of activation (HVA Ca 2/ currents) can be (I Ba) were investigated in 61 dentate granule cells acutely isolated(More)
PURPOSE Metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) might be promising new drug targets for the treatment of epilepsy because the expression of certain mGluRs is regulated in epilepsy and because activation of mGluRs results in distinctive anti- and proconvulsant effects. Therefore, we examined how mGluR activation modulates high-voltage-activated (HVA) Ca2+(More)
Intracellular Ca(2+) represents an important trigger for various second-messenger mediated effects. Therefore a stringent control of the intracellular Ca(2+) concentration is necessary to avoid excessive activation of Ca(2+)-dependent processes. Ca(2+)-dependent inactivation of voltage-dependent calcium currents (VCCs) represents an important negative(More)
The European Mining Database for North Rhine Westphalia (EMD-NRW) has the objective to present information about the industrial heritage of mining in an intuitive web mapping application. With the increasing abandonment of these industrial objects, especially in the area of NRW, the digital preservation of information, locations and relations between and(More)
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