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From a total number of approximately 1100-1300 secretory organelles ("trichocysts") in a Paramecium tetraurelia cell, approximately 90% are docked to the cell membrane. Approximately 90% of this subpopulation can be discharged from the cells within seconds, when exposed to the novel trigger agent aminoethyldextran (AED) at a concentration of 10(-6) M. No(More)
We found that different polyamino compounds trigger the instantaneous and simultaneous release of trichocysts from Paramecium tetraurelia cells (monoxenically bacterized cultures), provided amino groups are spaced in intervals of approximately 1.0 nm; in this case even diamines or oligopeptides exert some trigger effect. The most potent trigger agent found(More)
We have tried to specify a widespread hypothesis on the requirement of ATP for exocytosis (membrane fusion). With Paramecium tetraurelia cells, synchronously (approximately 1 s) exocytosing trichocysts, ATP pools have been measured in different strains, including wild type cells, "non-discharge" (nd), "trichless" (tl), and other mutations. The occurrence of(More)
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