R. Srinivasan

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Recent advances in photonic switching have paved the way for realizing all-optical time switched networks. The current technology of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) offers bandwidth granularity that match peak electronic transmission speed by dividing the fiber bandwidth into multiple wavelengths. However, the bandwidth of a single wavelength is too(More)
In Electronic Commerce applications such as stock trading, there is a need to consult sources available on the web for informed decision making. Because information such as stock prices keep changing, the web sources must be queried continually to maintain temporal coherency of the collected data, thereby avoiding decisions based on stale information.(More)
Traffic grooming in optical networks has gained significant importance in recent years due to the prevailing sub-wavelength traffic requirement of end-users. In this paper, a methodology for dynamic routing of fractional-wavelength traffic in WDM grooming networks is developed. To evaluate the performance of routing algorithms, a new performance metric that(More)
Science in the last few years has become increasingly global and collaborative. The number of internationally coauthored papers has been increasing steadily. We have counted internationally jointly authored papers involving authors from the advanced countries and the Third World countries, usingSCI 1991. We have looked at the number of papers resulting from(More)
The electroencephalogram (EEG) is susceptible to various large signal contaminations or artifacts. Ocular artifacts act as major source of noise, making it difficult to distinguish normal brain activities from the abnormal ones. In this letter, an efficient technique that combines two popular adaptive filtering techniques, namely adaptive noise cancellation(More)
Surface backscattering profiles from a human forearm and transmission profiles through a human thumb, of red and near-infrared lasers, were determined. For the preparation of tissue-equivalent phantoms, white paraffin wax mixed with various wax color pigments were used. The surface reflectance profiles of a human forearm were matched with that of the(More)