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Ringing artifacts that appear as spurious signal near sharp transitions in a signal appear as ghosts (or) near edges. Two techniques called LPF and ASLPF is used. LPF is used for only just identifying the artifacts present in the video image. ASLPF (Adaptive Spatial Low Pass Filter) is used to identify the artifacts whether it is present in horizontal (or)(More)
A modified state parallel viterbi algorithm referred to as the relaxed adaptive viterbi algorithm that completely eliminates the global best survivor path metric operation possesses great power saving. State parallel VLSI decoder used to develop the relaxed adaptive viterbi decoder by using convolution code decoding to achieve significant power savings and(More)
Document writing can tend to be rather laborious and time-consuming. A good document requires substantial research to be performed on the subject of the document, followed by the additional task of aggregating the surveyed research into a comprehensive document with accurate and coherent content. In this paper, a dynamic content suggestion system is(More)
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