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The operating microscope is an integral part of many neurosurgery and otolaryngology procedures; the surgeon often uses the microscopic view for a large portion of the operation. Information from preoperative radiological images is often viewed only on X-ray films. The surgeon then has the difficult task of relating this information to the appearance of the(More)
PURPOSE Introducing intensity modulation into neutron radiotherapy (IMNRT) planning has the potential to mitigate some normal tissue complications seen in past neutron trials. While the hardware to deliver IMNRT plans has been in use for several years, until recently the IMNRT planning process has been cumbersome and of lower fidelity than conventional(More)
PURPOSE Intensity modulated neutron radiotherapy (IMNRT) has been developed using inhouse treatment planning and delivery systems at the Karmanos Cancer Center∕Wayne State University Fast Neutron Therapy facility. The process of commissioning IMNRT for clinical use is presented here. Results of commissioning tests are provided including validation(More)
PURPOSE Intensity Modulated Neutron Radiotherapy (IMNRT) has been commissioned for clinical use. The number of allowable segments in IMNRT plans is limited by MLC speed. Quality and deliverability of static IMNRT treatment plans using the TG-119 test suite were evaluated to establish guidelines for the number of segments per plan. METHODS Treatment plans(More)