R. Soundararajan

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Skin necrosis similar to that induced by warfarin was seen in a patient who had never received the drug but who was vitamin K-deficient due to malnutrition and prolonged treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics. He also had end-stage renal failure and was receiving prophylactic subcutaneous heparin therapy because of immobilization. His plasma protein C(More)
An investigation of the ignition behaviour of iron sulphide dusts has been undertaken. Commercial samples of FeS and FeS(2) and mine samples of pyrrhotite and pyrite were tested for minimum ignition temperature (MIT) using a device known as the BAM oven. The mine samples were found to undergo a decrease in MIT as the mass mean particle diameter became(More)
Three patients with acute massive swelling of the left lower extremity occurring soon after placement of a renal allograft in the left iliac fossa are described. In each patient, obstruction to venous outflow from the left lower limb was documented by venography. We surmise that venous obstruction resulted principally from a combination of extrinsic(More)
The authors plotted the values of the postdialysis/predialysis blood urea nitrogen ratio, R, of 104 functionally anephric maintenance hemodialysis patients against the Kt/V values that had been derived from a single-pool, variable-volume, urea kinetic modeling method. When the R value was less than or equal to 0.4, the Kt/V value was consistently greater(More)
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