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The vestibular nerves are known to influence neuronal circuits in the medullary cardiovascular areas and, through the cerebellar vermis, the basal ganglia and the limbic system. By means of noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS), it might be possible to ameliorate blunted responsiveness of degenerated neuronal circuits of patients with multi system(More)
Through the cerebellar vermis, the vestibular nerves are known to influence the basal ganglia and the limbic system. By means of noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS), it may be possible to ameliorate movement disorders, particularly akinesic symptoms, in patients with central neurodegenerative disorders. We evaluated the effect of 24-hour noisy GVS(More)
We show that externally added 1/f noise more effectively sensitizes the baroreflex centers in the human brain than white noise. We examined the compensatory heart rate response to a weak periodic signal introduced via venous blood pressure receptors while adding 1/f or white noise with the same variance to the brain stem through bilateral cutaneous(More)
We reveal unexpected origins of age induced departure from 1/f-type temporal scaling in healthy human heart rate. Contrary to the widely established view, we provide evidence that age induced dynamical imbalance in the autonomic control is not due to the emergent functional dominance of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), but due to emerging (age(More)
Noise can have a beneficial effect on sensory neurological systems, enhancing detection of small afferent signals and thereby improve efferent neural responses. We hypothesized whether a similar mechanism would facilitate impaired neural transmission associated with neurological disease, and tested whether addition of external noise to baroreceptor(More)
  • Jun-Ichi Takada, S Ching, M Ghoraishi, N Lertsirisopon, J Takada, I Sameda +3 others
  • 2007
Among the propagation engineers for the mobile and wireless systems, single-and double-directional propagation measurements and modeling in the multipath environments are major concerns for the decade. The directional propagation model is the antenna-independent propagation model so as to evaluate the performance of the antennas in the specific wireless(More)
We report here three infants with frequent convulsions in the post-eruptive stage of exanthem subitum (ES) due to human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) infection. Postictal electroencephalogram (EEG) showed in all the patients abnormal epileptic discharges, which disappeared in the following by three to eighteen months. In one case, brain magnetic resonance imaging(More)
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