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We compared two manoeuvres, jaw thrust and laryngoscopy, to open the airway during fibreoptic intubation in 50 patients after induction of anaesthesia in a crossover study. Patients were randomly allocated to receive either jaw thrust or conventional Macintosh laryngoscopy first. Airway clearance was assessed at both the soft palate and the epiglottis.(More)
EditorÐWe were interested to read O'Neil's correspondence in reference to the case report by Brimacombe and colleagues. Brimacombe and colleagues claim that the Airway Management Device (AMDÔ) cannot cause cord closure and still form an effective seal in the hypopharynx. We would like to share our experience in using the recently introduced AMDÔ that has(More)
In any processes industry, process variables that need to be controlled are temperature, level, pressure and flow. This paper deals with an application of genetic algorithm to find the PID controller values to control the liquid level in the cylindrical tank. A process is identified as first order plus dead time model (FOPTD) and is validated. The intension(More)
We evaluated the modified Airway Management Device (AMDTM) in 60 spontaneously breathing anaesthetised patients. The insertion and removal of the device was very easy and atraumatic. The airway was secured on the first attempt in 41 patients (70%; 95% CI 57-80%). The most important problem was loss of airway, which occurred in 11 patients (19%; 11-30%)(More)
The present work deals with the impact of Monocrotophos and Quinalphos on the morphological features of Red Amaranth under AM fungus inoculation. The Red Amaranth plants are grown in pots in a split plot design with pesticides levels as main treatments (Recommended leve(0.5), Below recommended level(0.1) and Above recommended level(1.5) ppm) and AM fungus(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a software defined radio for the physical layer implementation of WiMAX using MATLAB and Simulink. This work focuses on two important aspects of communications, WiMAX standard and the OFDM technique. OFDM is a spectrally efficient version of multicarrier modulation, where the subcarriers are selected such(More)
A Big Bang-Big Crunch Optimization Algorithm (BBBCOA) is availed in the design of PID controller. A sixth order system is reckoned and is scaled down to second order with the help of BB-BCOA, Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO), Genetic Algorithm (GA) Hankel Norm Approximation (HNA). Later, a controller is designed by approximate model matching technique in(More)
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