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In this paper, we analyze the problem of steady, mixed convective, laminar flow of two incompressible, electrically conducting and heat absorbing immiscible fluids in a vertical porous channel filled with viscoelastic fluid in one region and viscous fluid in the other region. A uniform magnetic field is applied in the transverse direction, the fluids rise(More)
Plants are the local heritage with global importance. World is endowed with a rich wealth of medicinal plants. They represent and alternative treatment of non-serve cases of infections diseases. They are also the essential an integral part in complementary and alternative medicine and due to they which have developed the ability for the formation of various(More)
Polyalthia longifolia is a lofty evergreen plant, native to India, commonly planted due to its effectiveness in alleviating noise pollution. The has been used in the traditional system of medicine for the treatment of fever, skin diseases, diabetics and hypertension. A number of biologically active compounds have been isolated from the plant. However, its(More)
Problem statement: The selection process is a major factor in genetic algorithm which determines the optimality of solution for a complex problem. The selection pressure is the critical step which finds out the best individuals in the entire population for further genetic operators. The proposed algorithm tries to find out the best individuals with reduced(More)
An experimental study has been conducted on the adsorption of Direct red-28 dye using activated carbon prepared from Punica granatum (Pomegranate rind) by chemical activation with sulphuric acid. BET surface area of the activated carbon was determined as 1075.6 m 2 .g-1 and SEM observations showed the amorphous nature of the carbon. Adsorption kinetics,(More)
Aspergillus oryzae is one of the common plant pathogens in wheat, sorghum and other crops. Its toxic activity has been proved. Hence, a sensitive, rapid, and inexpensive screening test to detect Aspergillus in agricultural commodities is necessary to protect human health. Aspergillus oryzae proteins were prepared, characterized, and used as an antigen.(More)