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In this survey work various automatic detection methods of microcalcifications and brain tumor through mammograms and MRI has been studied and compared for the period of more than two decades. This is used to focus on the future of developments of medical image processing in medicine and healthcare. We have described several methods in medical image(More)
The construction of virtualization and Cloud computing environment to assure numerous features such as improved flexibility, stabilized energy efficiency with minimal operating costs for IT industry. However, highly unpredictable workloads can create demands to promote quality-of-service assurance in the mean while promising competent resource utilization.(More)
In this study, Leucas aspera whole plant methanolic extract were examined for their phytochemical profile by high-performance thin layer chromatographic (HTPLC) method. Alkaloids, Steroids and Flavonoids profile were analysed. Our results revealed that at least two types of alkaloids were seen in this methanolic extracts. Six types of flavonoids and two(More)
Comment: What are the complexities of the proposed algorithms (such as SC)? Response: We have added text summarizing an analysis of the computational complexity. This text appears in Section 2.2 (last paragraph) and Section 4.4 (last paragraph), and is reproduced in Appendix A of this document. We also added additional text and gure in the \Scope" (Section(More)
Cloud computing offers different type’s utilities to the IT industries. Generally the resources are scattered throughout the clouds. It has to enable the ability to find different resources are available at clouds, This again an important criteria of distributed systems. This paper investigates the problem of locating resources which is multi variant in(More)
Breast cancer is o ne the c ommon diseases among the females in the world. The main goal of mammography is to detect of breast cancer earlier by using characteristic masses and microcalcifications. This method proposes an a pproach for detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in ma mmogram using artificial bear optimization approach. Initially the(More)