R Sivakumar

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The construction of virtualization and Cloud computing environment to assure numerous features such as improved flexibility, stabilized energy efficiency with minimal operating costs for IT industry. However, highly unpredictable workloads can create demands to promote quality-of-service assurance in the mean while promising competent resource utilization.(More)
Dental Implants have become the standard care of rehabilitation of missing teeth. This article intends to review the success criteria for implants from 1979 till date. Earlier days implant success was evaluated by immobility and peri-implant radiolucency. But currently, the width of the attached gingiva, co-existing medical conditions, smoking, and width of(More)
Many Patients have different degrees of cardiac and renal dysfunction. Mortality, morbidity and cost of care greatly increase when these two coexist. A cohort study was conducted on 800 patients admitted from (June 2014-June 2015) to evaluate the prevalence of the Cardio renal syndrome (CRS) and clinical features. Out of 800 patients, 200 (25%) were(More)
In most of the developing countries like India and South Africa, there exists still many remote places (isolated from the grid); where the electrification is unavailable due to the financial aspect related to establishing the infrastructure to distribute power over a long distance and consequent high transmission losses. Authors emphasize for an Autonomous(More)
Breast cancer is o ne the c ommon diseases among the females in the world. The main goal of mammography is to detect of breast cancer earlier by using characteristic masses and microcalcifications. This method proposes an a pproach for detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in ma mmogram using artificial bear optimization approach. Initially the(More)
— In this review paper, it is planned to review and compare the different methods of diagnosing brain tumor through MRI used in preprocessing and segmentation techniques. In preprocessing and enhancement stage is used to eliminate the noise and high frequency components from MRI image. In this paper, various Preprocessing and Enhancement Technique,(More)
Cloud computing offers different type's utilities to the IT industries. Generally the resources are scattered throughout the clouds. It has to enable the ability to find different resources are available at clouds, This again an important criteria of distributed systems. This paper investigates the problem of locating resources which is multi variant in(More)
In this study, Leucas aspera whole plant methanolic extract were examined for their phytochemical profile by high-performance thin layer chromatographic (HTPLC) method. Alkaloids, Steroids and Flavonoids profile were analysed. Our results revealed that at least two types of alkaloids were seen in this methanolic extracts. Six types of flavonoids and two(More)