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Invited Paper With the increase in circuit performance (higher speeds) and density (smaller feature size) in deep submicrometer (DSM) designs , interconnect parasitic effects are increasingly becoming more important. This paper first surveys the state of the art in parasitic extraction for resistance, capacitance, and inductance. The paper then covers other(More)
— The input referred offset voltage occurring in the full latch VDD biased sense amplifier has been analyzed extensively. The process variations in the matched NMOS and PMOS transistors have been accounted by ±2.5% variation in VT and ±5% variation in β, from typical values. Effect of various design parameters on the sense amplifier offset has been studied(More)
P300 component of the event related potential (ERP) provides one neurophysiological index of cognitive dysfunction in depression. Forty subjects fulfilling DSM-III criteria for depression were compared to 40 age and sex matched normal controls. The P300 was recorded using the auditory odd-ball paradigm. Depressives had a significantly prolonged P300 latency(More)
A quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis designed for a multi-parent population was carried out and tested in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.), which is a diploid cross-fertilising perennial species. A new extension of the MCQTL package was especially designed for crosses between heterozygous parents. The algorithm, which is now available for any(More)
A novel method that recognizes on-line handwritten patterns (typical in pen-based computing applications) is proposed. The method combines the advantages of both global and local recognition methods, works in real-time, and avoids the use of statistical models that require extensive user data. It is also one of the rst methods that handles collectively(More)
Rabies is endemic and an important zoonosis in India. There are very few reports available on molecular epidemiology of rabies virus of Indian origin. In this study to know the dynamics of rabies virus, a total of 41 rabies positive brain samples from dogs, cats, domestic animals, wildlife, and humans from 11 states were subjected to RT-PCR amplification of(More)
It is well known that the performance of context-based image processing systems can be improved by allowing the processor (e.g., an encoder or a denoiser) a delay of several samples before making a processing decision. Often, however, for such systems, traditional delayed-decision algorithms can become computationally prohibitive due to the growth in the(More)
Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) adversely affects fetal and maternal outcomes during pregnancy. We retrospectively reviewed the renal, maternal and fetal outcomes of 51 pregnancies in women with CKD between July 2009 and January 2012. Of the 51 subjects (mean age 27.8 ± 7.04), 32 had 19 had estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) <60 ml/min. There was(More)
The conventional molecular diagnosis of malaria uses 18S rRNA-based PCR assay employing blood samples. This assay presents limitation in terms of long turnaround time and increased chances of false-positive results. Here, we evaluated one-step singleplex or multiplex PCR assay based on high copy species-specific consensus repeat sequences (CRS) along with(More)