R. Sietchiping

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There exists a vital need to increase our understanding of the fast-growing informal settlements (IS) within the burgeoning mega cities of the less developed countries. Previous attempts have used descriptive speculation about underlying social, political and cultural forces, but they have not generated sufficient understanding to underpin useful and(More)
Cities in developing countries are expanding at a tremendous rate and informal settlements (where 40 to 80% of city dwellers live) occur in unplanned urban areas. In planned cities in developed countries, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cellular automata (CA) are favourable tools for modelling urban dynamics. This paper discusses the growth of(More)
1 Perennial and violent family, ethnic, tribal, national and regional conflicts are land-related, particularly the struggle for access to and control over land and its natural resources. Preventing and managing landrelated conflicts requires securing land rights for all beyond property rights. The paper takes the view that access to and control over(More)
This paper provides an improved methodology for analyzing the dynamics of slums in Developing Countries (DC). In particular, it demonstrates how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cellular Automata (CA) can be integrated to model, simulate, predict and dynamically visualize the growth of slums, and thus will improve future planning practices in DC.(More)
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