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BACKGROUND Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common primary brain tumor in adults. Despite a multimodal therapy consisting of resection followed by fractionated radiotherapy (RT) combined with the chemotherapeutic agent (CT) temozolomide (TMZ), its recurrence is almost inevitable. Since the immune system is capable of eliminating small tumor masses,(More)
Proteins of the annexin family bind to phospholipids in a Ca(2+) dependent manner. The exposure of phosphatidylserine (PS) by apoptotic as well as necrotic cells is one major eat-me-signal for macrophages. Annexin A5 (Anx A5) preferentially binds to PS. The availability of Anx A5 knock out (KO) mice allowed us to investigate for the first time if endogenous(More)
BACKGROUND Radiotherapy is an integral part of breast cancer treatment. Immune activating properties of especially hypofractionated irradiation are in the spotlight of clinicians, besides the well-known effects of radiotherapy on cell cycle and the reduction of the clonogenic potential of tumor cells. Especially combination of radiotherapy with further(More)
The short-term effects of whole milk and milk fermented by Pseudomonas fluorescens, of the amino acid composition of the diet and of feeding frequency on the level of plasma lipids, were investigated in six 1-year-old adult boars. The experimental diets contained equal amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol. After an adaptation period of 5 d(More)
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