R. Shireen

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Ion implantation, followed by annealing process, often leads to nonuniform doping and considerable depletion effect in the polysilicon gate of submicron MOS devices. Such an effect can alter notably the subthreshold characteristics and invalidate the conventional subthreshold current model. This paper studies the polysilicon-gate depletion effects on the(More)
The provision of a satisfactory denture in case of reduced stomal inlet has always been a trouble for the patient and a challenge to the prosthodontist. Fabrication of complete and removable partial denture prosthesis requires accurate diagnostic impression and diagnostic casts for the development of custom trays and final impression. The decreased mouth(More)
—The paper presents integrated probe for direct coupling to the WR-10 waveguide with the use of metal filled vias on both sides of the microstrip line. Design and optimization of this novel microstrip-to-waveguide transition has been performed using 3-D finite element method based software HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator). A back-to-back transition(More)
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