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Microhemodynamics by gingival mucosa contour formation in implant placement sites was studied by laser doppler flowmetry. When installing healing abutment customized by Estelite Flow Quick noted reduction of tissue blood flow was revealed indicating the development of ischemia in the gingival mucosa. Conventional blood flow pattern restored in 7 days.
The comparative analysis of efficiency of various types of diagnostic templates for planning orthopedic treatment of 50 patients with partial or complete absence of teeth was performed. The patients were divided in 3 groups according to template manufacturing technique. All diagnostic templates made in accordance with clinical conditions allowed transfering(More)
Jaw fragment with complete absence of 3 teeth in the chewing area was simulated with masticatory loads corresponding to different types of antagonists: full dentures, partial dentures, intact teeth, implant-refained restavations. Simulated consoled elements of different lengths and sizes of dental implants. The analysis of the stress-deformation state of(More)
Materials for custom-made impression trays used for impression by implant fixed restorations were compared in the study. The analysis included such values as flexural strength and elasticity modulus, impression material adhesion strength with the use of adhesive and without it. Light-cured plastic Elite LC Tray had the best rates of bending strength and(More)
By the method of laser Doppler fluometry microcirculation in gingival tissues was studied in the region of bearing implants in cases of making prosthetics for patients with full secondary adentia. It was established that after functional loading of the bearing implants in microcirculatory bed of gingival tissues hyperemia was developed that was cut short in(More)
Study of physical-mechanic characteristics of connecting joints of beam construction after laser welding and hot metal adding was performed. Increase of microhardness of joints as well as small reduction of bending strength of prosthetic constructions was established.
Prosthetic care in cases of severe traumatic maxillary injuries remains topical. Alveolar maxillary processes atrophy make prosthetic treatment more difficult due to insufficient fixation and stabilization. At the stage of surgical treatment some corrective operations for a complete recovery of the disturbed functions and anatomic interrelations are made.(More)
By the method laser Doppler fluometry microcirculation in a mucosa of an alveolar process at orthopedic treatment of patients with unilateral trailer defect of a dentition with application of the prosthetic design leaning on dental implants with the help unklammer of bracing. Taped dynamics of change of indicators testified to compensatory changes in(More)
Mandibular bone compactness has been studied by ultrasonic osteometry before and after implantation. Ultrasonic examinations were carried out in remote periods after orthodontic treatment (implantations) of patients with dentition defects. Analysis of the results indicates that 2-4 years after the implantation is the critical term, because masticatory(More)
Biomechanics of the dental implants introduced into alveoli immediately after tooth extraction has been investigated. The programme ANSYS has been used. Three-dimension volume mathematical models were calculated, with the help of which the tense-deformed state of the supportive biological tissues has been investigated in the area of direct implantation. On(More)