R. Selvarani

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—Software engineering is continuously facing the challenges of growing complexity of software packages and increased level of data on defects and drawbacks from software production process. This makes a clarion call for inventions and methods which can enable a more reusable, reliable, easily maintainable and high quality software systems with deeper(More)
In this paper an effective estimation model is proposed for software reusability. The structural properties of the software are analyzed at design level with an engineering approach. This leads to the analysis of intricate relationship existing between the reusability and the design properties. An estimation model is created based on the empirical studies(More)
Software engineering activities in the Industry has come a long way with various improvements brought in various stages of the software development life cycle. The complexity of modern software, the commercial constraints and the expectation for high quality products demand the accurate fault prediction based on OO design metrics in the class level in the(More)
Without any room for doubt, the journey towards the envisioned smarter planet is on the right track. Several things are happening in parallel to make the chosen route streamlined and smooth. Pragmatic ideas and concepts are being unearthed, scores of state-of-the-art technologies are fast emerging and evolving, processes are being greatly synchronized to be(More)
The design structure of OO software has decisive impact on its quality. The design must be strongly correlated with quality characteristics like analyzability, changeability, stability and testability, which are important for maintaining the system. But due to the diversity and complexity of the design properties of OO system e.g. Polymorphism,(More)
Future security measures will create comfortable living environments that are embedded with a wide range of intelligent functionalities including home computing, entertainment, health care and security. These place stringent requirements on the home networking architecture which integrates various existing technologies for monitoring and control for future(More)
INTRODUCTION The cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) method is a vital tool for assessing the biological maturation of the orthodontic patient to evaluate the amount of mandibular bone growth left. AIM To assess and visualize the cervical vertebral morphology (bone density) of orthodontic patients of the age group 9,16,27 years. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
An effective reuse of design in software engineering can enhance the productivity, escalate quality, and ensure reliability. Adoption of design reusability can benefit the Small and Medium Organization by curtailing production cost as well as execution period. However, in the presence of requirement volatility, lower team size and skill tradeoffs, it is(More)