R. Selvarani

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Abstract—Software engineering is continuously facing the challenges of growing complexity of software packages and increased level of  data on defects and drawbacks from software production process. This makes a clarion call for inventions and methods which can enable a more reusable, reliable, easily maintainable and high quality(More)
0950-5849/$ see front matter 2011 Elsevier B.V. A doi:10.1016/j.infsof.2011.10.001 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +91 88601101265. E-mail addresses: trgnair@yahoo.com (T.R. Go yahoo.com, selvarani.riic@gmail.com (R. Selvarani). Context: Modern software engineering demands professionals and researchers to proactively and collectively work towards exploring(More)
The design structure of OO software has decisive impact on its quality. The design must be strongly correlated with quality characteristics like analyzability, changeability, stability and testability, which are important for maintaining the system. But due to the diversity and complexity of the design properties of OO system e.g. Polymorphism,(More)
In this paper an effective estimation model is proposed for software reusability. The structural properties of the software are analyzed at design level with an engineering approach. This leads to the analysis of intricate relationship existing between the reusability and the design properties. An estimation model is created based on the empirical studies(More)
Software engineering activities in the Industry has come a long way with various improvements brought in various stages of the software development life cycle. The complexity of modern software, the commercial constraints and the expectation for high quality products demand the accurate fault prediction based on OO design metrics in the class level in the(More)
With the rise of user based on distributed network system, traffic congestion is one of the unavoidable situations. Distributed network consists of various networks, processors and intermediary devices that overload the switches or routers with high traffic and it is because of the design fault in the distributed networking architecture. Even though several(More)
Risk assessment is one of the most important tasks in software development. It can absorb a significant amount of project planning effort. Some tools like CASE (Computer-aided Software Engineering) tools support particular phases of the project cycle while others can be used with a specific software development model or technology. There is a need for risk(More)
With the memorable start and massive adoption of cloud concepts, infrastructures and platforms, there is a paradigm shift in the IT landscape. That is, IT solutions and services are being developed, debugged, deployed and delivered from clouds to be conveniently consumed by global users via the open and public web. The point is that the web and the cloud(More)
BACKGROUND Periostitis Ossificans (PO) is a non-suppurative type of Osteomyelitis, commonly occurring in children and young adults, in mandible. The most common cause for PO is periapical infection of mandibular first molar. Radiographically PO is characterized by the presence of lamellae of newly formed periosteal bone outside the cortex, giving the(More)
Software maintenance is a vital component that every company has to face when their product is delivered to the stakeholders. This task may span for more than ten years at the customer site.The cost of maintenance or keeping software operational consumes 60-70% of its entire life cycle cost. Definingmaintainability at the design stage of the software(More)