R. Sekhar Narayanaswami

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We consider the design of convolutional codes and low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes with minimum-shift keying (MSK) when the receiver employs iterative decoding and demodulation. The main idea proposed is the design of coded schemes that are well matched to the iterative decoding algorithm being used rather than to hypothetical maximum-likelihood(More)
2 order in order to generate an approximate solution to the design goal before a circuit analysis tool is required. Circuit techniques used to combat the technology limitations imposed by CMOS technologies include the use of differential circuits in the signal path, cascoded stages and a modified tuning method which allowed for the use of extremely large(More)
The increasing demand for small-form-factor, wireless devices motivates research on highly-integrated, low-cost transmitters [1]. This work describes techniques that potentially allow implementation of the transmitter at higher levels of integration than previously achieved. A prototype CMOS IC for a narrow-band PCS system operating at 1.75GHz includes two(More)
Issues associated with the integration of transceiver components on to a single silicon substrate are discussed. In particular, recently proposed receiver and transmitter architectures for high integration are examined on the promise of providing multistandard capability. In addition, existing barriers to lower power transceiver operation are examined as(More)
In IC designs which incorporate multiple power supply voltages, the interfacing of signals between blocks with different power supplies can be achieved through I/O buffer circuits, which demand high-performance as well as ESD protection for the inputs and outputs. High performance buffers are also desirable for intra-chip interfacing for technologies that(More)
Presents a collection of slides covering the following: single-chip NTSC/PAL television; mobile applications; analog television; terrestrial TV; analog TV signaling; TV architecture; direct conversion TV-on-a-chip; NTSC/ PAL receiver; low-noise amplifier; mixer; LO harmonics; harmonic rejection filtering; harmonic rejection mixing; LO generation; VSB(More)
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