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In this work the software application called Glotaran is introduced as a Java-based graphical user interface to the R package TIMP, a problem solving environment for fitting superposition models to multi-dimensional data. TIMP uses a command-line user interface for the interaction with data, the specification of models and viewing of analysis results.(More)
The occurrence of discrete epithelial erosions with very thin high water content hydrogel lenses is discussed. These multiple, small, coalescing, epithelial erosions develop centrally and superiorly after a few hours of lens wear. It is postulated that the erosions result from on-eye lens dehydration, which causes epithelial desiccation.
The effect of wearing schedule on extended-wear (EW) success was evaluated over a nine-month period by assigning 36 subjects to 5 different wearing schedules (removal every 4, 7, 14, or 28 days, or daily wear [DW]). All but one EW patient required interruption of extended wear at least once; half of the DW patients completed the study without interruption.(More)
We describe a measurement artifact associated with the wearing of a contact lens during optical pachometry. The contact lens essentially magnifies the image of the cornea, creating a nonphysiological apparent increase in corneal thickness. This artifact ranges from 0.27 to 1.22% with four current extended wear hydrogel lenses, depending on lens thickness(More)
In recent years computer hardware and software has improved to such an extent that it is common to fit large numbers of models, either to ensure the ”best” is found or to combine the results from all of them. However, standard software is usually designed for fitting single models, perhaps including some residual analysis and model refinement, but not for(More)
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