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In Austria, registration of malignant brain tumours is legally mandatory, whereas benign and borderline tumours are not reported. The Austrian Brain Tumour Registry (ABTR) was initiated under the auspices of the Austrian Society of Neuropathology for the registration of malignant and non-malignant brain tumours. All Austrian neuropathology units involved in(More)
Toxin A but not toxin B, appears to mediate intestinal damage in animal models of Clostridium difficile enteritis. The purpose of this study was to investigate the electrophysiologic and morphologic effects of purified C. difficile toxins A and B on human colonic mucosa in Ussing chambers. Luminal exposure of tissues to 16-65 nM of toxin A and 0.2-29 nM of(More)
BACKGROUND ER+/HER2- breast cancers have a proclivity for late recurrence. A personalised estimate of relapse risk after 5 years of endocrine treatment can improve patient selection for extended hormonal therapy. METHODS A total of 1702 postmenopausal ER+/HER2- breast cancer patients from two adjuvant phase III trials (ABCSG6, ABCSG8) treated with 5 years(More)
Cell death by apoptosis is a major determinant of growth of normal tissues and tumours. The present study aimed to elucidate signal factors involved in its regulation. Epithelial cells in control liver, during regression of cyproterone acetate induced liver hyperplasia, in liver (pre)neoplasia and in uterus undergoing apoptosis in vivo show immunostaining(More)
The anti Her-2/neu monoclonal antibody Trastuzumab has strong inhibiting effects on tumor growth in vitro and in vivo and is therefore used for immunotherapy in breast cancer patients. Due to necessity of frequent applications, however, cost intensiveness of Trastuzumab treatment and its limited duration of affectivity, an active immunization inducing a(More)
BACKGROUND In early estrogen receptor (ER)-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer, the decision to administer chemotherapy is largely based on prognostic criteria. The combined molecular/clinical EndoPredict test (EPclin) has been validated to accurately assess prognosis in this population. In this study, the clinical relevance of EPclin in relation to(More)
OBJECTIVES Fractal geometry is a tool used to characterize irregularly shaped and complex figures. It can be used not only to generate biological structures (e.g., the human renal artery tree), but also to derive parameters such as the fractal dimension in order to quantify the shapes of structures. As such, it allows user-independent evaluation and does(More)
  • R Sedivy
  • 1996
Autonomous and uncoordinated proliferation of epithelia leads to various well-known growth patterns such as expansive (cauliflower-like), radiating infiltrative, polycyclic, and roundish-ovoid figures. All attempts to describe such natural growth patterns graphically by Euclidean geometry have failed and remain no more than works of art. However, fractal(More)
Lesions of the ulnar nerve are the most common causes of paralysis of a peripheral nerve. 1,2 The cubital tunnel (or sulcus ulnaris) syndrome is the second most frequent compression syndrome of the upper extremities after the carpal tunnel syndrome. 3,4 We report our findings in a patient who suffered from cubital tunnel syndrome and underwent sub-cutaneous(More)