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This paper describes the development of a multiproces-sor architecture that integrates data acquisition and numerical processing for a hard real-time environment. Within ¢ ¡£ ¥ ¤ s 15X19 ADC, samples have to be captured and analyzed. The first segment describes the function and architecture of an application-specific preprocessor that performs data(More)
For the ALICE experiment at CERN a trigger is created by analyzing data of the Transition Radiation Detector where about 16.000 charged particles cross six independent layers. Nearly 1.2 million analog data channels are digitized at 10 MHz by 10 Bit ADCs 1 within 2 µs. On this data stream of 15 TByte/s a trigger decision has to be made within 6 µs. All data(More)
Cathodoluminescence spectra recorded with high spatial and wavelength resolution on tilted ZnO epitaxial layers allow to identify a very prominent emission peak at 3.314 eV as a free electron to shallow acceptor (E A % 130 meV) transition. By correlation with TEM cross-section images recorded on the same samples we can find these acceptor states to be(More)
Information included in this publication or extracts thereof are free for citing on the condition that the complete reference of the publication is given as stated above. 2 The natural marine environment of the Baltic Sea is susceptible to pollution by hazardous substances because natural features such as water residence times of around 30 years,(More)
Istituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare European Communities-6th Framework Programme-Marie Curie Actions: RTN " Phenomena in High Dimension " Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica: Progetti GNAMPA " Aspetti Analitici della Convessità " , " Disug-uaglianze Geometriche e Funzionali e Applicazioni " MIUR: COFIN " Aspetti teorici e applicativi di equazioni alle(More)
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