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PS is a rare congenital vascular anomaly in which the left pulmonary artery originates from the right pulmonary artery and courses between trachea and esophagus to the hilus of the left lung causing compression of the right mainstem bronchus and trachea. In about half of all cases this vessel anomaly is associated with tracheo-bronchial and/or(More)
The homage of 135 abandoned children in the city of Resita, south west Rumania, has been checked by a medical team from the University of Innsbruck for social, clinical and hyginical situation. The local government had applied for such an investigation. Most of the infections and other diseases are based on a dramatically bad hygienical situation. 52% of(More)
We report on a 6-year-old boy with an area of opacity in the right lung that persisted after a feverish respiratory tract infection. Aortography confirmed the suspected diagnosis of pulmonary sequestration. An intralobar sequestration supplied with blood from a supradiaphragmatic and an infradiaphragmatic artery arising from the descending aorta was seen.(More)
A girl presents immediately post partum with postures and movements typical for severe muscular hypotonia (floppy infant). Her sucking and swallowing abilities are reduced. There is marked drooling. Broad alveolar ridges give the impression of a high-arched palate. Floppy infant-screening (muscle enzymes, EMG, NCV) was within normal ranges apart from a(More)
A high percentage of HIV-1-infected infants and children in Romania are coinfected with hepatitis B virus. Little information is available on the impact of concurrent hepatitis B infection on the course of HIV-1 infection. We conducted a prospective cohort study over 1 year in a group of 68 HIV-1-infected infants and children to determine whether hepatitis(More)
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