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Dilated and varicose veins constricted with a Dacron mesh tube were successfully used as arterial bypass grafts to avoid nonautogenous vascular prostheses. Mesh constriction has also been used to adapt the venous graft lumen to the diameters of grafted arteries. The influence of the external mesh on the wall elasticity of such venous grafts and the(More)
Frontal airbag interaction with the head and neck of the Hybrid III family of dummies may involve a non-biofidelic interaction. Researchers have found that the deploying airbag may become entrapped in the hollow cavity behind the dummy chin. This study evaluated a prototype neck shield design, the Flap Neck Shield, for biofidelic response and the ability to(More)
The aim of our study was to determine whether the site of intrarenal Doppler measurement influences diagnosis of renal artery stenosis. In an experimental test, three sheep with variable degrees of renal artery stenosis were investigated. In each animal, the resistive index from renal segmental arteries correlated better with mean pressure gradient (r =(More)
OBJECTIVES non-physiological flow behaviour plays a significant role in the development of distal anastomotic intimal hyperplasia. To investigate flow patterns in four anastomotic types of femoral end-to-side distal bypass graft anastomoses, a flow visualisation study was performed. METHODS transparent 1:1 casted replicas of distal vascular graft(More)
The purpose of this paper is to compare the biofidelity rating schemes of ISO/TR9790 and the NHTSA Bio Rank System. This paper describes the development of new impact response corridors being proposed for ISO/TR9790 from the results of a recent series of side-impact sled tests. The response data were analyzed by methods consistent with ISO/TR9790, including(More)
In clinical application of rotary blood pumps, flow obstruction as a result of suction of the inflow cannula, kinking of tubing, or thrombus formation occurs quite frequently. Early detection of such problems is essential to avoid hemolysis, tissue degradation, or release of thrombi to the patient. A program was developed for automatic observation of pump(More)
A comparison of the Q3 and Hybrid III 3-year-old crash test dummies is presented in this paper. The performance of the dummies were compared in sixty biofidelity tests, seventy-seven static out-of-position airbag tests and sixty-three calibration tests. Various time histories and other data pertaining to accelerations, deflections, forces and moments are(More)
This technical paper presents the results from tests conducted with the ES-2re, a version of the ES-2 side impact dummy that was modified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to improve its performance in crash tests. Through the series of biofidelity tests conducted on the ES-2re, described in International Standards Organization(More)
The results of biomechanical testing of the WorldSID prototype dummy are presented in this paper. The WorldSID dummy is a new, advanced Worldwide Side Impact Dummy that has the anthropometry of a mid-sized adult male. The first prototype of this dummy has been evaluated by the WorldSID Task Group against previously established corridors for its critical(More)