R. Sauerborn

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Assessing and improving the quality of health care was, until recently, a low priority, both for policy makers in developing countries, and for technical agencies. The authors review the reasons for this long neglect of quality of care, which include: (i) a perceived priority of extending coverage at the expense of quality; (ii) the view that quality is(More)
  • R Sauerborn
  • 2001
The article by Samandari et al. [1] in this issue describes an So far so good. But is it or can it be a model? Two impressive example of a specialized private health care inarguments call for caution. stitute, its funding, organization, delivery of care and measures 1. The LVPEI has unique features that will be hard to to ensure quality of care. The authors(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic diseases have emerged as a serious threat for health, as well as for global development. They endenger considerably increased health care costs and diminish the productivity of the adult population group and, therefore, create a burden on health, as well as on the global economy. As the management of chronic diseases involves long-term(More)
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