R. Saravanan

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Artificial intelligent tools like genetic algorithm, artificial neural network (ANN) and fuzzy logic are found to be extremely useful in modeling reliable processes in the field of computer integrated manufacturing (for example, selecting optimal parameters during process planning, design and implementing the adaptive control systems). When knowledge about(More)
Cognitive Radio is an emerging technology which avoids the congestion in wireless communication by exploiting unused radio spectrum . The Spectrum sensing plays a fundamental requirement of CR which finds an unused free spectrum and detects the licensed user transmissions. Energy detection constitutes a preferred approach for cognitive rdio spectrum sensing(More)
Optimal trajectory planning for robot manipulators is always a hot spot in research fields of robotics. This paper presents two new novel general methods for computing optimal motions of an industrial robot manipulator (STANFORD robot) in presence of obstacles. The problem has a multi-criterion character in which three objective functions, a maximum of 72(More)
Abstract For the unlicensed users to use the licensed spectrum, unused frequency bands called white spaces need to be detected. Cognitive radio does this task by dynamic spectrum access. This requires intelligent spectrum sensing techniques. In this paper such unused spectrum for OFDM WLAN (IEEE 802.11a) is predicted by exploring the signals presence in(More)
An intrusion detection system framework using mobile agents is a layered framework mechanism designed to support heterogeneous network environments to identify intruders at its best. Traditional computer misuse detection techniques can identify known attacks efficiently, but perform very poorly in other cases. Anomaly detection has the potential to detect(More)
Distal third tibial fractures are prone to non-union following tibial nail insertion. The purpose of this study was to assess the union of distal third tibial fractures in patients who have undergone intra-medullary (IM) tibial nailing with one versus two distal locking screws. Sixty-five patients who had intramedullary tibial nail fixation were(More)
A method for computing minimum cost trajectory planning for industrial robot manipulators is presented. The objective function minimizes the cost function with the constraints being joint positions, velocities, jerks and torques by considering dynamic equations of motion. A clamped cubic spline is used to represent the trajectory. This is a non-linear(More)