R. Sandaltzopoulos

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Change of DNA sequence that fuels evolution is, to a certain extent, a deterministic process because mutagenesis does not occur in an absolutely random manner. So far, it has not been possible to decipher the rules that govern DNA sequence evolution due to the extreme complexity of the entire process. In our attempt to approach this issue we focus solely on(More)
Recent studies of the quantum-mechanical processes in the DNA molecule have seriously challenged the principle that mutations occur randomly. The proton tunneling mechanism causes tautomeric transitions in base pairs resulting in mutations during DNA replication. The meticulous study of the quantum-mechanical phenomena in DNA may reveal that the process of(More)
We have developed a novel method for the identification and retrieval of DNA sequences which are represented as binary images. This type of representation emanates from the evolution of one-dimensional nucleotide arrays abiding to a set of Cellular Automaton rules. A thorough investigation of these rules was performed in order to determine their efficiency.(More)
Complex interventional radiology (IR) procedures contribute an increasing percentage of the overall medical radiation exposure of the population making accurate dosimetry a challenge. Magnetic resonance (MR) based polymer gel dosimetry has been widely employed in complex dosimetric problems in radiotherapy. The aim of this paper is to investigate the(More)
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