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BACKGROUND Recognizing specific protein changes in response to drug administration in humans has the potential for the development of personalized medicine. Such changes can be identified by pharmacoproteomics approach based on proteomic technologies. It can also be helpful in matching a particular target-based therapy to a particular marker in a subgroup(More)
GeneChip microarray is a cutting-edge technology being used to study the expression patterns of genes with in a particular cell type. In this study, the Affymetrix RAE230A platform was used to profile stably expressed mRNA transcripts from PC12 cells at passage 5 and 15. The whole-cell PC12 transcriptome revealed that a total of 7,531 stable transcripts (P(More)
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have exacerbated global warming, and consequently are the focus of worldwide reduction efforts. Reducing emissions involves accurately estimating GHG emissions and the uncertainty associated with such estimates. The uncertainty of GHG emission estimates is often assessed using the 95% confidence interval. Given a small sample(More)
Intrusion Detection in MANET is one of the major concern in peer-to-peer networking scenario where mobile / wireless nodes communicate with each other without any pre-defined infrastructural setup. This paper presents an overview of various intrusion detection models, identifying its issues, discusses on design and proposes an intrusion detection system(More)
Recruiting employees is an important task for management team in all sectors. The expected time needs to be predicted to make decisions on recruitment. In this paper, statistical model developed to obtain the expected time using three parameters generalized exponential models for reaching threshold level. In the time of recruitment, the assumptions were(More)
Fingerprint-based methods are widely adopted for indoor localization purpose because of their cost-effectiveness compared to other infrastructure-based positioning systems. However, the popular location fingerprint, Received Signal Strength (RSS), is observed to differ significantly across different devices' hardware even under the same wireless conditions.(More)
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